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Terms of Use

The Loopia App (hereinafter referred to as “ Loopia App ”) is an app and service offering from Thingsy AG (hereinafter referred to as “ Thingsy ”) in Switzerland. By using the Loopia app, the user (hereinafter referred to as " user ") confirms that they have read and understood these terms of use and that they expressly agree to them.



The Loopia app is made available to the user free of charge. Individual functions of the Loopia app may have to be subscribed to or purchased for a fee. To be able to use all functions, it may be necessary to register as a user with a user account by providing a valid e-mail address and an Internet connection.

Thingsy is partly offered via app stores and the associated infrastructure such as the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The user uses such app stores independently of Thingsy and the respective terms of use apply.

Some functions of the Loopia app require access to the address book, photo album, location data and other data on the user's smartphone, which Thingsy can only access with the user's express consent. Such access enables the user, for example, to select an image of the guarantee document or to store an address for the creation of the repair documents. Depending on the operating system used, a user may have to expressly confirm such access or can expressly block access for Thingsy.

Thingsy is entitled to contact the user at any time with messages via the Loopia app or by email. The user expressly agrees to the receipt of such messages.

Thingsy enables users to order services directly from selected cooperation partners of Thingsy (hereinafter the “ partners ”) via the Loopia app. The contract between the partner and the respective Loopia app user is concluded directly between the partner (as seller) and the user (as buyer). In this context, Thingsy acts exclusively as an intermediary and service provider for the partner and the user, but does not become a party to the contract itself. Users acknowledge and agree that their contract with the partner may be subject to the partner's general terms and conditions and a separate partner privacy policy, which are the sole responsibility of the partner.

For their own content that is protected by intellectual property law, the user expressly grants Thingsy a free, sublicensable, non-exclusive and worldwide license for the use of such content in connection with the Loopia App, subject to mandatory legal provisions.

Thingsy strives for high availability and reliability of the Loopia App ("Best Effort"). However, Thingsy expressly cannot guarantee that the Loopia app or individual functions of the Loopia app will be available permanently, at all times and/or in full.

There is no entitlement to use the Loopia app. Thingsy can discontinue the Loopia app at any time without giving reasons or exclude the user from using the Loopia app. Thingsy can change the Loopia app at any time without giving reasons, especially with regard to any paid functions.


Subject to mandatory legal provisions, Thingsy assumes no liability whatsoever for direct or indirect damage caused by using the Loopia App or in connection with the Loopia App.

In the event of violations of these Terms of Use as well as violations of rights and corresponding third-party claims, the user expressly exempts Thingsy from any liability and is fully liable for damages to Thingsy.



Thingsy may change these Terms of Use at any time. The user will be informed of such changes in an appropriate manner. The user can stop using the Loopia app at any time. By continuing to use the Loopia app after notification of changes to these Terms of Use, the user expressly agrees to such changes.

Subject to mandatory legal provisions, the use of the Loopia app is exclusively subject to Swiss law with Zurich (Switzerland) as the exclusive place of jurisdiction.

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