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The STEG Refresh resale platform

Peer-to-peer platform for the computer and home electronics online shop STEG Electronics.

The second-hand platform STEG Refresh
Marcel Weber von STEG Electronics
"Thanks to Loopia's second-hand solution, we were able to successfully launch STEG Refresh with minimal IT effort and in a very short time. The solution was developed specifically to our requirements and in our own design. The efficiency and flexibility that Loopia offered us is impressive."
Marcel Weber

Former CEO STEG Electronics

Logo von STEG Refresh

STEG Electronics AG is a Swiss multichannel provider of computer and home electronics with a focus on consulting and services. The electronics retailer STEG Electronics has implemented Loopia's resale solution under the name STEG Refresh. Marcel Weber is CEO of STEG Electronics.

How did you get started with STEG Refresh?

Marcel Weber: The idea behind STEG Refresh arose from our endeavours to establish more sustainable business models and steer the electronics trade towards a circular economy. Society is increasingly, and rightly so, calling for more careful and conscious use of resources and our environment. This need is also growing continuously among our customers. After the successful start with the purchase and sale of second-hand items in our shops, we also wanted to offer our customers an easy way to sell their used electronic items online instead of letting them gather dust in drawers unused or disposing of them. At the same time, other customers should have the opportunity to purchase these products digitally in an uncomplicated way.

What are your goals with the project?

On the one hand, we wanted to help reduce CO2 emissions and conserve resources by encouraging customers to pass on their electronic products and thus give them a longer life.

We also aimed to strengthen our customer loyalty by creating an exciting additional offer. We wanted to ensure that our customers recognise the benefits of reselling and continue to feel connected to our company.

Another challenge was to introduce our own resale platform that could be seamlessly integrated into our existing online shop. It was important for us to build and implement this platform quickly and efficiently and to create a powerful and user-friendly solution with minimal IT effort. The successful launch in our shops at the end of March has encouraged us to offer the "STEG Refresh" service online as quickly as possible.

Products on the STEG Refresh second-hand platform
Products on the STEG Refresh second-hand platform
How did you implement the Loopia solution?

The introduction of the Loopia solution was successful and efficient. Working closely with Loopia, we quickly integrated our resale platform into our design. Our goal was to make second-hand buying and selling easy and direct for our customers via the customer account, allowing them to offer products with just a few clicks. Thanks to the seamless e-commerce integration, the logistics solution with Swiss Post and comprehensive buyer and seller protection, our offering offers significant benefits. In addition, STEG Refresh significantly extends the reach of our products by selling returns or takeback products and integrating our shops. In this way, we create an omnichannel experience: customers can shop online or check products in-store before buying.

How was the collaboration between Loopia and STEG?

The collaboration with Loopia was extremely professional and smooth. Loopia customised the solution to our specific requirements and developed additional functions that we wanted, all in STEG's design. The implementation of the solution in our STEG shop was simple and did not require any major IT effort. The partnership-based cooperation is particularly commendable. Adjustments were also accepted and implemented during development.

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