Long live the products!

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Loopia brings your products to life.

The apP
for yOur pRoDuctS

Simplify the handling of your products.

Speakers, kettle, mixer, television, laptop, stand-up paddle, iPhone – the list of products that everyone owns seems to be endless period. Who can keep track of them all?

With Loopia, we're changing that. Loopia is the digital home for your products, where you can find all the warranty certificates and important information in one place.

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With Loopia you always have an overview of your products - that's a promise

From now on you will find all your devices in one place! Simply scan the products and they are digitally sorted for the perfect overview.

Scan once and your product is already in the app.

Entering product data has never been easier! You can scan your product with the app or enter it via text search. You can then add the appropriate warranty certificate.


Lifetime for products

Managing your products in one convenient place is just the beginning. Whether lending, sharing, repairing or passing on - Loopia will accompany your products throughout their entire lifetime.

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