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Joy that moves on.

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Here's how it works

Shop relaxed

Finde tolle Produkte auf der Loopia App
1. Find new friends

Browse through all the baby and kids items in your area and find new favorites.

Kaufe das Produkt easy gleich in der App
2. Buy and rejoice

You can buy the items immediately. Payment is processed via Apply Pay and Google Pay or credit card.

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Lokal und einfach in der Migros vorbeibringen oder abholen
3. Flexible pick up

Combine the pickup with your next purchase. The product will be waiting for you up to 5 days at Migros Limmatplatz or Glattzentrum. Alternatively, you can also pick up the product from the seller directly. 

Flexible handover

Drop off and pick up at Migros
Loopia relove beim Glattzentrum
Bilder der Migros am Limmatplatz in Zürich

Instead of planning the handover, you can drop off a sold product at your next purchase. The buyer can pick it up from the customer service at Migros Limmatplatz or Glattzentrum within the next 5 days. 

Delivery to the buyer
Hole das Produkt bei einer Person zuhause ab

You can also deposit your product in your mailbox and have it picked up. Once an item is purchased, we will send the address of the buyer. For large products you have the possibility to plan the delivery. 

Simply sell

Mach ein Bild mit der Loopia App und gib die wichtigen Informationen hinzu
1. upload easily

Take a picture of your item, give it a title and set a price. Then, all you have to do is choose whether you want to drop off the product at Migros or have it picked up at your home once it's sold. 

Packe das Produkt in ein Sack oder Paket ein
2. Sell & pack

Yes! The article can move on. Then quickly package, label it and bring it within the next three days to the Migros Limmatplatz or Glattzentrum. Job done!

Hole das Produkt beim Kundendienst der Migros ab
3. Drop off & rejoice

You will receive your money as soon as you hand over the product! For the entire process and communication we charge a fee of 10%, the rest is all yours!

share more. throw out less. relove.

Migros and Loopia make it easier for you to buy and sell second-hand clothes in your neighbourhood. This keeps children's items in the cycle for as long as possible. 

Here we go!

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